A List of SAT Test Prep Courses
Offering Guaranteed Results

A List of SAT Test Prep Courses Offering Guaranteed Results

Getting a superior score on the SAT might be one of the last major obstacles standing between you and your target college or university.
The Internet offers access to online courses that can help you pass the exam with flying colors and get a better chance of being accepted into a great academic institution.

The list below contains SAT test prep programs that offer a score-based guarantee.
Each listing includes the company’s name and short excerpts from their websites. Please read the provider’s full terms before subscribing to their service.

Reduce risk. Buy with greater confidence.

The Princeton Review

“Better Scores Guaranteed

We’ll refund your tuition if you don’t score higher, or let you prep again for free if you aren’t satisfied.*”

“SAT 1400+
Achieve a 1400+ in 2 months – Guaranteed*.”

“SAT 1500+
1500+ score. Guaranteed*.
Small group courses with 1-1 sessions.”

“Private Tutoring
Increase +150 Points. Guaranteed*.”


“Increase your SAT score by 100 points or get your money back.

If Magoosh SAT doesn’t improve your total score by 100 points or more, we’ll give you a full refund!”


“The Only 160+ Point Guarantee

If you don’t get at least a 160 point improvement on your next SAT, you get your money back. And yes, we do accept Old SAT and PSAT scores (appropriately scaled) as baselines!

We’re so confident we’ll improve your score, we’re putting our money where our mouth is with the industry’s best score guarantee.

Try us without risk.”

Varsity Tutors

“Get results. Guaranteed.

We’re proud of our students and the improved scores they’ve achieved.
We believe your student can do the same. That’s why we promise to help them get a better score or we’ll give you your money back.*”

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A Few Words About the SAT Test

The SAT is a standardized college admissions test widely used in the United States, which is usually taken in the student’s junior and/or senior year of high school.
The entire testing apparatus is managed by the College Board, a private non-profit organization that runs other educational programs as well.

The test functions as an independent evaluation mechanism that is designed to assess the competency of applicants, measure their readiness for college classes, and predict their potential for future academic success.
In addition, it is also a comparative tool, which is used to compare incoming students from different educational backgrounds to each other.

This pencil-and-paper exam covers three required areas (reading, writing & language, and mathematics) as well as the optional essay.
The final score for the entire test can range from 400 to 1600.

The SAT takes three hours to finish if you don’t take the essay, plus an additional 50 minutes for the essay section, if you choose to take it.

The SAT is offered seven times throughout the school year and can be taken at hundreds of test centers nationwide.
Current information about upcoming test dates and registration deadlines is available on the official College Board website.

The SAT is one of the two primary entrance exams used by four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.
Test scores are likely to be one of the first things that college admissions officers actually see when reviewing a student’s application and deciding whether or not that student is a good fit and ready to pursue a degree at their school.

As such, depending on where you want to apply, your SAT score can have a significant influence on the admissions committee’s decision, which also involves other factors such as high school GPA, course list, personal essays, letters of recommendation from teachers, and extracurricular activities.

Your admission test score is one of the key metrics that higher education institutions use to measure your individual application against those of competing ones, so getting a strong score for the schools you’re applying to is important.

Applicants who want to be accepted to the most prestigious, highly selective academic powerhouses (like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or other world-famous names) will face tough competition from the nation’s best and brightest.

In realistic terms, high school graduates who want to be accepted to the country’s Ivy League schools, top-tier public universities, or elite private institutions must have a near-perfect SAT score.

Test takers who wish to prepare for the SAT in order to improve their chances to get into their top choice school have several options: buying prep books and studying on their own, hiring a one-on-one private tutor, attending local, classroom-based SAT group courses in their area, or joining an online prep program.

Studying for the SAT Online

The commercial SAT test prep field offers many online programs that can help you prepare for test day and achieve a competitive score before starting the actual college application journey.

These services provide high school students with a great way to familiarize themselves with the exam’s structure and contents in order to achieve their best possible result.

With so many interactive course providers, features, educational resources, prices, and guarantees, it can be difficult to choose between all of the different options.
However, the best virtual classes offer a robust online learning experience that includes live tutoring by professionals, prerecorded video lessons, and the ability to take practice tests and answer questions from actual past SAT exams while tracking your progress over time.

Compared to other traditional alternatives, web-based SAT prep classes deliver a greater degree of independence, flexibility, and convenience.
Participants can study at their own pace, according to their day-to-day schedule, which is a great advantage for students who are already burdened with heavy schoolwork and other life commitments.

These benefits give users the ability to study from the comfort of their home and develop the necessary skills and strategies that are required to pass the test successfully, either for the first time or to improve an existing SAT score.

Obviously, students who are well prepared, know what to expect, and are confident about their abilities perform much better on this national college entrance exam than those who are not.

How Guaranteed SAT Score Improvement Works

Some of the services that operate in the online test prep industry offer a guaranteed score increase or other types of specific results.

Each SAT preparation website has its own terms and conditions regarding how their individual policy works.
However, in general, this type of guarantee often means that you should be able to hit a particular score threshold or increase your overall score by a certain number of points.

If the SAT prep course does not produce the promised results and as long as you meet all other eligibility requirements that were set by the program’s provider, you are entitled to a partial or full tuition refund or, alternatively, to some other form of compensation, benefit, or corrective measure.

In addition to the guaranteed score results, some SAT study and practice websites offer a general money-back guarantee for a short period of time (a few days or a week, in most cases).

During the specified timeframe, if you are not satisfied with how the course works, you can cancel your membership and ask for a refund.
A free trial may also be available with some services.