A List of Money-Making Systems
Offering a Money-Back Guarantee

A List of Money-Making Systems Offering a Money-Back Guarantee

Finding new primary or secondary sources of income can help you earn more, save more, pay your bills, achieve your goals faster, and make your financial life simpler.
The Internet provides easy access to many money-making opportunities, techniques, and ideas, but finding the ones that guarantee your satisfaction is not always easy.

The list below contains ‘Make Money’ sites that offer a money-back guarantee.
Each listing includes the program’s name, the length of the guarantee, and short excerpts from their websites. Please read the vendor’s full terms before ordering.

Reduce risk. Buy with greater confidence.

Gold Opinions

60 Days

“Make Money Taking Surveys Online or Your Money Back – Period!

We are so sure that you will love how much money you make we guarantee you: “If GoldOpinions.com does not help you make money, just let us know within sixty days and we will gladly refund your subscription. No questions asked.”

Paid Social
Media Jobs

60 Days

“We have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason, you can receive a full refund, no questions asked. But we are very confident this will be the best decision you’ve ever made!”


60 Days


We Provide you and all our members a FULL 60 days money back guarantee for your safety.”


60 Days

“…we invite you to join ClickEarners and try us completely risk-free for 60 days.

If for whatever reason you decide it’s not for you, just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of any fees you’ve paid AND let you keep 100% of your earnings to date. So you have nothing to lose by trying us.”

Writing To Wealth

60 Days

“60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Receive instant access to our members’ area for 60 full days and if at anytime you are not happy you can receive a 100% full refund on your membership fee!”

Tutor Jobs Online

60 Days

“Make Money Teaching Online or Your Money Back – Period!

We are so sure that you will love how much money you make we guarantee you: “If TutorJobsOnline.com does not help you make money, just let us know within sixty days and we will gladly refund your subscription. No questions asked.”

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A Few Words about Money Making

You don’t need to be a personal finance expert to know this, but, as the old saying goes, “money doesn’t buy happiness…but it sure can help”.
Having more of it puts you in a more comfortable position where you can buy the things you want, do the things you love, spend more time with your family, or travel to the places you always wished to visit.

Having more dollars in your bank account lets you enjoy greater levels of financial freedom, security, control, stability, peace of mind, and quality of life.
It also means getting better access to superior education, quality healthcare, and other core necessities.

Everybody understands the critical importance of money: the rich and famous, the average Joes of our world, and definitely the poor and nameless.
But how do you get money?

Most people have traditional day jobs, either part time or full time and, as a result, receive a salary.
This is the most conventional method to earn money that actually works for most individuals in our society.

However, certain people feel that this work format is outdated and look for a different alternative or approach to getting paid.

How People Use the Internet to Make Money

A lot of people search the net for effective ways to make money, either online or offline.
Most of them are complete beginners with zero experience who are not sure where to start or how to earn their first dollar.

But who are these people, and why do so many of them look for this type of information on the web?

Some do not like the old-fashioned, 9-to-5 concept and prefer to work from the comfort of their home with more flexible hours.
Some hate corporate culture or office politics or are simply looking for a smarter career model or a new direction in life.

Some do it because they need the cash for their family’s basic needs, like paying for rent, putting food on the table, and buying clothes.
Some want to increase their existing income in order to pay off debt or meet general monthly financial obligations.

Others simply want to earn more without quitting their existing job in order to reach their savings goals faster or as a means to enjoy the finer things in life.

Some look for the equivalent of full-time employment, while others simply wish to find decent opportunities that will help them generate extra income on the side.

As you might have already noticed, the Internet is flooded with offers, services, ebooks, gig-economy options, income generation techniques, supplemental sources of income, and a host of money-making systems that can potentially help you stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Many of the websites are totally legitimate; however, here’s an important word of caution.
A lot of scammers operate online and target the ‘Make Money Online’ niche, so pay careful attention, research every opportunity closely, read the fine print, and avoid anything that looks suspicious or too good to be true.

Here are some of the popular methods that people use to earn money with the help of the Internet:

  • Completing paid surveys online
  • Becoming a virtual assistant
  • Writing for money
  • Starting an ecommerce website
  • Publishing and selling an eBook
  • Selling professional services as a freelancer
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social media management
  • Paid private tutoring through the Internet
  • Monetizing a skill or hobby (like photography)
  • Starting a mainstream small business
  • Becoming a mystery shopper
  • Teaching English or other languages online
  • Doing translation work
  • Drop shipping

Finding Guaranteed Money-Making Methods: Is it Possible?

With so many money-making opportunities, work-from-home programs, online job platforms, and home business ideas out there, it’s easy to feel lost, overwhelmed, or confused.

Skeptical aspiring newbies who want to find practical methods that will enable them to earn more and reach their income goals often wonder which ones actually work and which ones are a complete waste of time.

This is especially true when most websites try to convince users that their system is the easiest to get started with, the fastest to show meaningful results, will generate more profits than its competitors, or some other big claim.

Many potential users sometimes ponder what happens after you’ve signed up with a certain website? Is there a way back if you are not satisfied with the results? Can you cancel your purchase, membership, or subscription and get your money back?

Obviously, many individuals who possess a raging entrepreneurial spirit and an enormous drive for success have sky-high expectations and are looking for easy methods and quick results – sometimes, unrealistically.

Understandably, nobody wants to waste precious time, effort, energy, and financial resources on products or services that do not provide real value; therefore, obviously, many look for guaranteed money-making options, but is there such a thing in the real world?

Well, as you may already know, there are no 100% guarantees with any “money making” programs, and it’s impossible to promise a specific result, certain returns, or a particular level of profits.

However, some may argue that money-earning opportunities that come with a money-back guarantee are the closest you can get to such an ambitious goal, because, when they come from legitimate and trustworthy sources, you can purchase them risk-free (or, at least, risk-minimal).

That way, if the system delivers positive results after you’ve experimented with it, great!
However, if you are not satisfied with the program or if it doesn’t produce the expected results, you can return it to the company and get a refund that covers most (if not all) of your original investment.